Sunday, October 23, 2016

5 New Inventions That Will Blow Your Pants Off!

These must see inventions include: A backyard bio-gas energy generator, plus the world's first real-time language translating earpiece, and 3 additional inventions that will blow your pants back to last Thursday.

Enjoy the video! Learn even more about these awesome new inventions by visiting the websites below.
Official Websites:

0:07 - HomeBiogas - - A revolutionary backyard energy generator that turns your waste into bio-gas and fertilizer.

2:27 - Pilot - - Ground breaking new smart earphone that translates any language on-the-fly. Breaking the language barrier has never been this easy before.

4:53 - Trainerbot - - The smart ping pong robot that allows you train and improve your skills, without the need for competitor.

6:52 - CycleBoard - - This creative new electric scooter has a unique lean-to-steer design like you've never seen before. Oh, and its pretty fast too, traveling up to 20 mph.

10:43 - Czur scanner - - The Czur scanner allows you to create a large digital library like never before, with both quickness and ease.
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